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Digital Marketing and Promotion for your live show
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Digital Marketing & Promotion specialists for live shows!

Ampro Media offers digital (online) marketing & promotion packages to cover everything you might need or want to promote your show in the UK.

Gone are the days when you can rely on a couple of posters and some flyers to promote your show. The internet is here! We can create digital marketing & promotion channels using the latest technology to promote your show across the internet, where your audience spends hours of their time, each day.

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What can we do for your show?

Professional Quality HD Video

For your website, DVD, Blu-ray Disc & all your social media channels

Venue Booking & Liasion

A fully managed gig booking service so you only have to worry about turning up and performing

Box Office Services

An online box office to sell your show tickets 24/7/365

Professional Sound Engineer For Your Show

The right technical people to make your show sound awesome

Digital Marketing & Promotion

Using Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Remarketing & Affinity Audiences

Professional Website Design For Your Band or Act

A fully managed website package, complete with hosting & website design for your band

State-of-the-art PA System Hire

A complete PA system specified for the requirements of your show

Professional Quality Digital Audio Mulitrack

For your website, CD, video releases & online digital streaming channels

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