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Google Ads

Let Ampro Media handle all your shows digital marketing channels

The Google Ads platform is an amazing tool for promoting all sorts of businesses and shows are no exception. The system allows one to place ads on any website across the internet that runs Google Adsense adverts. When a user clicks those ads, they are directed to a page of your choosing, such as the page on your website where you are selling tickets for your show.

The real advantage of this clever system though, is the ability to actively and accurately target your ideal customer and promote your show directly to your audience. What\’s more, the remarketing tools within the Google Ads system can allow you to easily target previous visitors to your website and effectively call them back time and again, so you don\’t lose touch with them.

Unfortunately, Google Ads is a vast and complex tool, which makes it difficult to get started, no matter how easy Google say it is. Here at Ampro Media, we set up and run Google Ads campaigns on a daily basis. We\’ve spent thousands of pounds of our own money on Google Ads and we know what works. We can run a Google Ads campaign on your behalf or alternatively manage your Google Ads account directly for you, if you choose.

Digital Marketing & Promotion
Digital Marketing & Promotion

Ampro Media offer:

  • Google Ads account administration for your band, show or venue
  • Advice on targeting your ideal customer, thereby reducing your ad spend
  • Single campaigns, multiple campaigns or ongoing management of your account
  • Remarketing configuration, to call your customers back time and again
  • Responsive ads to split test your campaign on autopilot

Facebook Ads

Let Ampro Media handle all your shows digital marketing channels

The Facebook Ads system is perfect for targeting niche audiences. If you\’re a quality tribute band and you want to reach say, Queen fans or Pink Floyd fans, then Facebook is the way to go.

Ampro Media build Facebook Ad campaigns for all sorts of different shows. We build campaigns from the ground up (no boosted posts here) because that\’s the best and indeed the only way to take true control of your marketing and make it work at peak efficiency.

Just like Google Ads, Facebook Ads can lead interested prospects directly to a landing page of your choice, on your website. That landing page allows you to put your sales pitch in front of a huge potential audience that is already qualified and interested in what you\’re selling. Audio, video, words and images can all be used exactly how you like, to achieve maximum sales from your website visitors.

Setting up and running a Facebook Ads campaign is fairly simple, but doing it well is an art unto itself and unless you\’re doing it well, you won\’t see results anywhere near what your campaign could be capable of. Don\’t waste your ad spend on poorly constructed Facebook campaigns. Let Ampro Media set them up correctly and run them for you.

Digital Marketing & Promotion
Digital Marketing & Promotion

Ampro Media offer:

  • Highly targeted Facebook campaigns
  • Split testing and dynamic ad campaigns
  • Increased ROI on your ad spend
  • Integration with your Instagram account
  • Integration with remarketing campaigns all over the internet

The combined power of Facebook and Google Remarketing campaigns


Facebook and Google driven ad campaigns are incredibly powerful tools in your toolbox, for promoting your show. However, the true power of digital, online promotion comes from the combination of the two.

Facebook has the advantage in targeting ability. Simply put, it knows everything about you, including what shows you like, what bands you follow, films you watch, books you read etc. Ampro Media therefore use Facebook campaigns to initially target a specific audience for your show. An example might be targeting students for an indie band or older, Pink Floyd fans for a tribute to Pink Floyd.

However, it\’s well known that a very high percentage of website visitors don\’t actually take action on their first visit to a new website and hence once they leave, you might never see them again. If you\’ve spent money to get those visitors onto your website in the first instance, then that\’s wasted ad spend, if they don\’t buy.

Here\’s where Google Remarketing comes in. Ampro Media set up remarketing campaigns that allow you to show your ads to people who have already visited your website. These are the single most likely to buy audience you will ever reach. Ampro Media can reach those people by tagging your visitors as they browse your website and then show ads to them to call them back. The same remarketing list can be used again, next year, when you return to the same venue.

In summary, Facebook is great for getting word of your show out there, to the right people. Google Remarketing on the other hand, is the only way to remind them to come back again and consider buying tickets to see your show!