Pink Floydian – Breathe – Darwen 2019

Back in May 2019, we were asked to do sound for Pink Floydian at The Library Theatre in Darwen. As always when we do sound, we ran a multitrack recording of the whole show from our digital console along with a broadcast quality HD video camera.

All the digital media we collected was supplied to the band for them to use promoting future shows. In the case of the video, we supplied the whole show as one video file. The band then set about playing around with the multitrack recording in their own studio and a few weeks later, they have mixes of several songs. Those mixes were supplied back to us here at Ampro Media and we synced them into the original video. We then chopped out the tracks with remixed audio, into seperate videos.

All in all, this is a great example of the value added you get from Ampro Media. This video is far better picture and audio quality than one could ever hope to capture on a cheap video camera or worse, a mobile phone. Yet for zero cost, the band now have the ability to embed this video into their website (and indeed any other website). It\’s zero cost to the band because like we said, we always run a digital multitrack and broadcast quality camera at any show we mix.

So, here\’s Pink Floydian performing Breathe from Floyds iconic album Dark Side of the Moon, live at The Library Theatre in Darwen. Great gig guys. Really enjoyed it!

You can find out more about Pink Floydian on their website: