WHITE PAPER: DVD / Blu-ray Disc Merchandise package (free)

The Band

Mama perform An Evening of Genesis Music, a tribute to the music of British group Genesis. The band is based in the UK and currently plays ten shows a year at venues across the country.

The band perform pieces from every era of Genesis from the early Peter Gabriel Genesis albums, right through the Phil Collins era in the 70’s and 80’s and up to the final Genesis studio album, We Can’t Dance.

Check them out here: www.mama-genesis.co.uk

An accidental project?

Here at Ampro Media, we’ve been involved with Mama since its conception. In fact, we are founder members of the band. In 2022 we were testing some new video equipment and cameras that we had bought as an upgrade to our system that we use to record full shows on behalf of clients. At the Mama show at The Met in Bury, we were running four of our five cameras to iron out any production problems we may have before we used the new system for paying clients. It was only after that show that the band saw the resulting footage and decided they would like to release a DVD of their show to sell on their merchandise desk. As the entire show was captured in mostly HD (and some 4K), this was relatively easy to do.

For audio, we happened to be running the Front of House sound for the show and so it was relatively easy for us to also capture a full multitrack of the show that could be mixed at a later date. Once the idea became reality, the band decided to mix the audio themselves, along with help from Brian Hulse. We therefore supplied the multitrack masters and set about working on the video edit itself.

So as you can see, this film really was an accident of sorts!

Planning costs = 0 hours X £0.00

The video edit was created entirely in-house at Ampro Media, along with all the titles and the entire film was graded to get the best out of the images.

Total filming costs = 6 hours X £50.00

Total edit costs = 10 hours X £50.00

Total grading costs = 15 hours X £50.00

DVD / Bluray package for free!

The band were not in a position to shell out a large sum for a full concert DVD and as previously mentioned, this project was entirely an accident to start with. Instead, we did a deal with the band where they could have the entire package for free as long as they committed to buying a number of DVDs and Blu-ray Discs from Ampro Media to cover the costs associated with creating the product.

As a side project, the band were also interested in creating a full double CD of the same concert and our multitrack recording was available to allow them to do exactly this. The CD version of their show at The Met was not produced by Ampro Media and hence was not funded by this deal with the band.

Following completion of the edit, Ampro Media engaged some professional artwork designers to create the graphics for the DVD / Blu-ray custom animated menus and the cover designs for the DVD, Blu-ray Disc and CD versions. The CD audio was dropped into the film and synced accordingly. End result? Three products the band can now sell at a profit to their audience for zero initial outlay.

The second part of the deal that we made with the band was, when the sales of the DVD and Blu-ray had covered the production costs, we would then supply those products to the band at a much reduced cost, thereby allowing them to make a much larger profit from their sales.

The end result is, the band have now got three recordings of their Last Domino Tour that they can sell to their audience at a profit, to help fund investment back into the show. What’s more, it hasn’t cost them anything.

Final thoughts?

There are many added side benefits to this style of project. For example, the band now have access to all the audio and video footage so that they can choose to create a promo video to promote the sale of the DVD / Blu-ray / CD and also a promo video to further promote their shows across the UK.

Furthermore, we have produced rendered outputs of all the tracks contained within the DVD that we can hold back over the next year or so. These tracks can be posted on the bands social media channels and website, as part of our ongoing efforts to feed relevant, good quality content to our audiences and thereby drive traffic back to our website consistently, to see what shows we have in the diary.


Full credits from the film

Live at The Met, Bury

Jon Vatikiotis – Guitars
David K Jones – Bass, Bass Pedals, Guitars, Vocals
James Cooper – Drums
John Wilkinson – Vocals
John Comish – Keyboards, Programming

Concert Sound & Monitors
Andrew Prince

Concert Lighting
Dave Heaton
The Met Technical Staff

Tour Crew
David Broome
Julie Thompson

Jan O’Connor

Video Editor & Post Production
Andrew Prince

Barry Edwards

Video Sound Mixing
David K Jones

Video Sound Mastering
Brian Hulse

Video Created By
Ampro Media


Mama would like to thank:
Tony, Mike, Phil, Peter, Steve