WHITE PAPER: No Filter Promo Video

A short promo video

No Filter are a duo, three piece, four piece and five piece band that work the bar, club and corporate / event circuits. They wanted to create a professional looking promo video for their new website to promote their music and stage show across the UK.

The band had several tracks they were working on in the studio at the time of recording. So it was agreed that the best way to create the promo video was to film multiple takes on one camera, using the backing tracks for sync in the video edit and post production.

How it was put together

A venue was chosen in South Manchester. The band supplied their half finished demos for sync and we recorded both visuals and their sync tracks live to camera. This ensured that all the video we captured was absolutely in sync with the find audio that the band would supply when they had finished their studio sessions.

We filmed multiple takes from different angles, for each track the band wanted to feature in their promo video. Then songs in all, where we just recorded a verse and a chorus. In total, the video took around four hours to shoot and the running on the day was kept brisk. Shooting with one camera also allowed us to move performers around to get specific shots that we would otherwise have been unable to achieve with shooting live on multiple cameras. The syn tracks also enabled the band to take their time getting the audio exactly how they wanted it for the video, supplying finished audio after the video edit was completed.

Total planning time:

2 hours X £0.00

Total filming time:

4 hours X £50.00

Total edit and post production time:

4 hours X £50.00

The band also saved money when doing their own audio mix. Want to see the results? Check out the video below…